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Justin Woodhouse

Kaleidoscopik Designs

By Justin Woodhouse


Kaleidoscopik Designs, by Justin Woodhouse, specialises in producing affordable fine art photography and digital art prints for a wide range of collectors and decorators. Everyone, from interior decorators, chefs, florists to mechanics, boat and car enthusiasts and nature lovers, are spoilt for choices in this growing and diverse catalogue of fine art images. Kaleidoscopik Designs contains images by Justin Woodhouse that are of high quality with creative and moody in camera and post processing techniques.

This catalogue examines new ways of looking at everything in life with his eclectic mix of photographic styles, subjects and situations. This range of images expresses emotion, tells a story or gives an interesting and thought provoking perspective on subject matters.

If you find something that you would like to add to your collection then its as simple as clicking your way to checkout, letting Fine Art America take care of all the stress of printing, packaging and sending your chosen image in any style or size that is available. Don't forget that FAA also offers these images not only in traditional finishes, but also on throw pillows, duvets, greeting cards and phone cases. Remember that watermarks present here will not be on the final artwork you receive.

All images are property of Justin Woodhouse and rights to reproduce are not transferred upon sale unless otherwise agreed to by Justin Woodhouse. Licensing options are available at checkout.

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Athens Skyline Blueprint


Sordid Skull


Sunflower's Heart - Black and White


An Old Mechanic's Ingredients


Eilean Donan Castle Blueprint


Istanbul Skyline Blueprint


A Father's Garden Retreat


Exhausted Engine


Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest Blueprint


A Workshop Waits


Captivity Defied Liberty Attained


I Dream of Roses


Idle Cog


Mast and Rigging Series Number Two


Mast and Rigging Series Number One




Window to the Past


Pebbled Beach Under Dramatic Skies Number Two


Life Clings as the Tides Ebb


Up in your grill


Elegant Machinations


The Elements


Hauled Anchor




Hold Fast